About Black Cat

About Black Cat

Black Cat Collective Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a community-based mutual aid network rooted in liberty and sustainability by initiating urban permaculture projects, hosting educational initiatives to raise social awareness of, and support for, labor and land struggle, and fostering and empowering the cultural creativity of our members.

About the Black Cat Collective

Entering the scene with confidence, The Black Cat Collective is a fellowship of individuals who believe that progress begins in our personal lives and in the relationships that we have with one another.

A life rich in culture, thought, success, and influence is not outside of our potential. Our ability is strengthened in solidarity with one another when we can successfully reach common goals.

We aim for a society that sustainably and sanely uses resources and builds a model of production that is user-friendly, available, and fills in the gaps in the cycle of manufacture, use, and disposal.

We feel that art, in all of its forms, is an important part of the human experience, and that expression is revolutionary in and of itself.

Ours is an organization composed of friends who believe that expression, democracy, and free association should take place in our daily lives as well as in society at large.

Will Schnack
Co-founder of the Black Cat Collective

Video interview with #3 about the Black Cat Collective thanks to the DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left.


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