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Friends of Black Cat:

1919 Hemphill, Fort Worth

1919, named after its address, is Fort Worth’s longest-running DIY (Do-It-Yourself) venue/community center. 1919 encourages the local community to set up events at the space ranging from music and the arts to activism and community organizing. 1919 is an alcohol, drug, and (inside the building) smoke-free atmosphere for all ages. Check it out!

DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left, DFW

The Alliance of the Libertarian Left is a multi-tendency, decentralized coalition of individualists, mutualists, agorists, voluntaryists, market anarchists, green libertarians, dialectical anarchists, voluntary socialists, radical minarchists, and others on the libertarian left, united by an opposition to statism and militarism, to cultural intolerance (including sexism, racism, and homophobia), and to the prevailing corporatist capitalism falsely called a free market. We’re organizing local activist groups to advance individual freedom, peace, and social solidarity in our communities, using the tools of education, nonviolent direct action, and cooperative counter-institutions — not petitions, party politics, or symbolic protests.


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