The Bombay Notebook

The Bombay Notebook

About the Bombay Notebook

In the modern fast-paced, high-tech world, it is easy to become, as T.S. Eliot writes in his Four Quartets, “distracted by distraction from distraction.” To have that sense of contemplative silence, of that leisurely and removed observation of reality, is important if we are to recognize what it is that validates us as human beings. While it is true that knowledge does not necessarily impel one to do better, it is fundamental to right action in the world, and to a responsible engagement with what is determined to be good and true. Indeed, this sort of engagement demands an appropriate response in the way we decide to live our lives in a meaningful fashion. It is vital if anyone is to be aware of one’s identity as a breathing, feeling, thinking human being within a society that is too often culturally fixated on expediency to consider alternative methods that can change the world for the better.

The Bombay Notebook began as an attempt to articulate and share ideas, to provoke dialogue within oneself, as well as with others and, ultimately, to change things in a positive manner in the world. Hopefully, we can in some measure achieve this end. Thanks for reading!

Jo Paul González-Torralva
Co-founder of the Black Cat Collective,
Sponsor of the
Bombay Notebook

Download The Bombay Notebook!
.PDF’s of our first two issues are available for download below.

Issue #1: The Bombay Notebook

Issue #2: The Bombay Notebook

Purchase The Bombay Notebook!
The Bombay Notebook can be purchased at the following locations.

Spiral Diner & Bakery, Fort Worth

Owl’s Clover Metaphysics Bookshop
, Fort Worth

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